WWE SmackDown – 5 Possible surprises – Ultimate betrayal, Roman Reigns’ next opponent revealed, new heel faction formed?

It’s a turbulent time for everyone associated with WWE SmackDown – from the performers to the backstage staff to the audience watching at home. With the current string of releases and storylines that had to be discarded as a result, fans have many questions about the future. Especially with WWE going live in the near future.

Moreover, with the third hour of RAW hitting poor numbers this week, it is imperative for WWE SmackDown to put on a strong show. Surprises will certainly help in this regard because as many of you know, the product has become a tad predictable.

Here are five surprises that may happen on WWE SmackDown, to reinforce the notion that this is a company that is still dialed into the pulse of the audience. Let us reiterate that this is just fun fantasy booking, and not inside news. If you so desire, you may share your own surprises in the comments section below.

#5 Jey Uso attacks Jimmy Uso during the big WWE SmackDown tag team match

The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships are on the line in the biggest match of The Usos’ career. But are they on the same page, especially considering Jey Uso and Roman Reigns seem to have an agenda of their own? Could Jey turn on Jimmy Uso in this titanic bout?

If this is the direction that the WWE SmackDown creative staff wants to go in, it does make a lot of sense. It could lead to a brand new feud, that has been elaborated upon in the following page.

If you had the WWE SmackDown creative reins, would you keep The Usos together or would you have them working against each other? Which possibility makes more sense to you?

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