“if you suck, we can’t drag your family’s name in the mud”- Shaul Guerrero reveals why WWE didn’t let her use the Guerrero name

Shaul Guerrero is the daughter of Eddie Guerrero and started wrestling in WWE in 2010 in their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. Two years later, FCW was re-branded as NXT and from 2012 onwards she worked at NXT.

Even though she asked for her release in 2013, she returned to WWE’s developmental but soon was released from WWE in 2014. During her time in WWE, she wrestled under the name Raquel Diaz, which is surprising considering WWE would have presumably wanted her to use her family name given the legacy and prestige attached to it.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Shaul Guerrero revealed the reason as to why WWE did not let her use the name “Guerrero” inside the ring:

“I remember being told, I’m not going to say by who, that if you suck, we can’t drag your family’s name in the mud. I’m like [shocked expression]. I understood that. Again, it’s like they never said I had to be as good as my dad, but there was always little things like that which are hard to ignore. That was day one.”

The Guerrero name has a very esteemed lineage in wrestling. The dynasty began with Gory Guerrero who is considered to be one of the architects of Mexican Lucha Libre.

He had four sons who followed in his footsteps. The eldest was Chavo Guerrero Sr. who ended his in-ring career in WWE in 2004. The second oldest was Mando who made his name in the American Wrestling Association.

Following him came Hector Guerrero, the third brother, who wowed fans with his in-ring ability and also played the role of The Gobbledy Gooker in WWE. His son, Chavo Guerrero Jr., is a former WWE Tag Team Champion

The last of the original Guerrero brothers was Eddie Guerrero who is considered to be one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. He was pothumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006

Shaul Guerrero’s career in WWE

Shaul Guerrero
Shaul Guerrero

Wrestling as Raquel Diaz, Shaul Guerrero was given the gimmick of an “ultra diva”. She was tasked with drawing L’s on her opponents’ foreheads after she won a match over them.

In 2011, Guerrero was even able to capture the FCW Florida Diva’s Title showing promise during her time in the developmental. Her time in NXT was short-lived as she had only four matches in NXT even though it seemed like she was going to feud with Paige.

After her release from WWE, Guerrero took an almost four-year hiatus from wrestling before returning as a commentator for the independent wrestling promotion, Reality of Wrestling. She went on to work as a ring announcer for a while before lacing up her boots once again in 2020.

Her latest wrestling appearance came at All Elite Wrestling, where she was a special ring announcer for the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament.

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