RAW Results: No.1 Contender crowned; Top Champion pinned twice

The Miz & Morrison kicked off RAW with Miz TV and their guest for the night was Charlotte Flair. Charlotte came out and started talking about Rhea Ripley and the RAW Women’s Championship before Ripley walked out and joined them.

Charlotte tried to bring up the fact that Nikki Cross beat Ripley last week before they were joined by Cross as well. Nikki said that since she beat the champ, the winner of the Hell in a Cell title match should give her a shot at the gold.

Ripley admitted to the loss and said that Nikki earned her respect before Charlotte chimed in and Nikki challenged her as well. The Queen was offended and said that she could beat Nikki in a minute.

Nikki snapped and slapped Charlotte in the face, angering Flair and ensuring that she gets her match with her tonight.

Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte – Beat the Clock Challenge on RAW

Nikki rolled out of the ring early on, baiting Charlotte and letting the timer tick down. Cross was eventually caught with a knee before Charlotte sent her onto the top rope but Nikki recovered and managed to stay in the match.

Nikki hit the Tornado DDT and then a dropkick to take down Charlotte before the timer went off and the former Women’s Tag Team Champion managed to pick up the win.

Result: Nikki Cross def. Charlotte

Grade: B-

Riddle was backstage with Damian Priest and was learning Spanish from the Archer of Infamy. Randy showed up and congratulated Riddle on last week’s win over Xavier Woods on RAW before asking him to watch his match from ringside tonight.

Randy Orton vs. Xavier Woods on RAW

Randy was looking for the RKO right away but Woods managed to hold on before being sent outside the ring. Randy knocked him head-first into the commentary table a few times before slamming him into it.

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