Randy Orton adds a new finisher to his arsenal as he defeats Xavier Woods

Randy Orton came into tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW with mixed emotions. The Viper saw his tag team partner Riddle perform his finisher, the RKO last week. This left him a little confused.

However, a week later, Randy Orton met up with Riddle backstage in what many expected to be a confrontation. Instead, Orton seemed completely fine with the Original Bro’s tribute to him.

In fact, Randy Orton decided to return the favor on this week’s episode as he faced New Day’s Xavier Woods in a one-on-one match.

The match was a perfect example of your typical Randy Orton match. The Viper stalked and attacked his prey at every opportunity, slowly taking Woods down. But even after throwing everything at him, Woods would not go down.

As such, Orton took a page out of Riddle’s book, winning the match after hitting Woods with Bro-Derek.

The chemistry between Randy Orton and Riddle continues to improve week after week. The team of R-K-Bro is certainly going places and could become one of the top tag teams on RAW’s roster.

Only time will tell just where this unexpected partnership between the Original Bro and The Viper will lead.

The relationship between Randy Orton and Riddle is one of the best things on Monday Night RAW

Over the past few months, Monday Night RAW has been a bit lack luster in comparison to its contemporaries SmackDown and NXT. However, one of the reasons fans are tuning into Monday Night RAW now is to get a glimpse of R-K-Bro.

Since the duo of Riddle and Randy Orton got together, it has been nothing but comedy gold. The two WWE Superstars clearly have great chemistry both in and out of the ring.

Just their antics on tonight’s RAW before Orton’s match is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

WWE really have something going on here with R-K-Bro. Hopefully, the company uses this team to its full potential, because there is a lot this duo can accomplish.

What are your thoughts on R-K-Bro? Do you like the pairing of Riddle and Randy Orton? Let us know in the comments section below.

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