WWE Rumor Roundup: No plans for RAW Superstar, Roman Reigns match in doubt, real reason why former champion was fired and more – 28th May 2021

Welcome to today’s WWE Rumor Roundup, a selection of the top stories of the day. The main development is the confirmation of SummerSlam’s date (Saturday, August 21st,) but the company has not confirmed the venue.

WWE is currently gearing up for Hell In A Cell next month, but the card is yet to be finalized. Some backstage news about the pay-per-view offers some hints about what fans can expect. But first, let’s dig into today’s must-see stories.

No plans for WWE RAW Superstar to wrestle?
Eva Marie is back in WWE, andshe has been shown in several vignettes on Monday Night RAW. While most of the WWE Universe seemingly doesn’t support her yet, there is a section of fans who want to see what she has to offer in the ring.

But a report from Fightful Select claims that WWE does not plan to use Eva Marie in the ring. She will reportedly be used as a “vehicle” to push other superstars.

Dave Meltzer also hinted at the same on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“The idea is she’s a supermodel who’s worked hard to become a supermodel, and somehow, yeah, the idea is she’s a celebrity who wants to help other people,” said Meltzer. “So she is a babyface; it is weird. It’s actually, if you think about it, a couple of years ago, and right down to the ‘Eva-lution,’ you remember the Emma-lution? I mean, this is basically the Emma character that they teased for like whatever it was, six months, and then one week after she debuts, they drop the whole thing because they feel like she can’t pull it off, after months. Although Emma was a heel, but it’s very similar to that character that they were doing with Emma years ago,” [H/T WrestleTalk]
Additionally, Fightful Select’s report added that the hiring of Eva Marie was not related to the release of several superstars in the WWE women’s division. These vignettes were reportedly shot long before the releases took place, but they hadn’t been used on WWE TV.

Will we see Eva Marie as a babyface manager soon? Only time will tell.


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