5 Surprises for RAW: Possibly controversial finish to main event, Big Title change to take place?

RAW started well on the road to Hell in a Cell 2021, and the last two weeks have been better than the entire period between WrestleMania and WrestleMania Backlash.

There are high-stakes match-ups that will take place on this week’s episode of RAW, and a lot of what we will see will center around the build to Hell in a Cell. Let’s begin with perhaps the most important match on RAW tonight and a few possible twists that could arise:

#5. A twist in the main event of RAW?Kofi Kingston was less than impressed with Drew McIntyre
Kofi Kingston was less than impressed with Drew McIntyre
RAW had the wrong main event last week. It was a Women’s Tag Team Title match between Natalya and Tamina against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. It’s easy to assume why it wasn’t a great one.

The opening match, however, was a different story. It was a babyface vs. babyface bout between Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston – the man who last pinned WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley.

Kingston wasn’t happy about McIntyre constantly asking for another WWE title shot, so it was simple – a number one contender’s match on RAW would determine Lashley’s Hell in a Cell opponent.

It was all going well until the WWE Champion decided to interfere, causing a double disqualification. This didn’t sit well with authority figure Adam Pearce, who booked a rematch for the following week.

He even warned Bobby Lashley that if he or MVP even made their presence known at ringside, a 90-day suspension without pay would ensue. Now, there seems to be a clear-cut route to determine his Hell in a Cell opponent on RAW.

But is it going to be as straightforward as we think? Drew McIntyre is the expected winner, but what if there’s yet another controversial finish without interference? This time, a non-finish that results in a stalemate could take place, dragging this on further.

It may even require a stipulation match down the line to determine who the next WWE Championship challenger is.

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