“Warrior made a big mess of things” – WWE legend says title plans changed after Ultimate Warrior’s backstage tantrum

In a recent interview, WWE legend Ed Leslie discussed his experience working with Ultimate Warrior.

Ed Leslie wrestled for both WCW and WWF back in the day. His most popular gimmick was Brutus Beefcake although he also portrayed a number of characters in WCW, including Zodiac and the Disciple.

During a recent interview with WrestlingINC Daily, Ed Leslie discussed how plans for him to win the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam 1988 were shelved because of Ultimate Warrior. Leslie said that Warrior may have thrown a tantrum and eventually replaced him in the IC title match against Honky Tonk Man:

“Warrior made a big mess of things there, threw a tantrum. I don’t know what happened,” Leslie said. “The plan was I was getting the belt, period. Then Warrior went blah blah blah so they had it changed at the pay-per-view, and then I did the thing with Ron Bass and tried to salvage it.”It wasn’t good for me, and Honky was really upset because promises were made. When I was going to beat Honky, Honky and I were going to wrestle all around in main events trying to get the belt back for six months.” H/T: WrestlingINCBrutus Beefcake on working with Ultimate Warrior
Later on in the interview, Ed Leslie also opened up about his experience working with Ultimate Warrior in WWF.

Leslie said that while he didn’t have to wrestle Ultimate Warrior, the two of them were on the same team at Survivor Series 1988. He added that Warrior wasn’t a very good wrestler, but fans liked his character and energy:

“I didn’t have to wrestle him, thank God,” Leslie said. “We were partners at Survivor Series in ’88. He wasn’t a very good wrestler, per se. I mean, he had his character, and he did his thing and people liked it, muscley guy, well-built guy, worked out like crazy. I was just happy I didn’t have to wrestle him.” H/T: WrestlingINC
Ed Leslie is a WWE Hall of Famer, Class of 2019. He’s also a former WWF Tag-Team Champion.

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