7 times WWE Superstars reacted to fellow wrestlers’ physical transformations

Becoming a WWE Superstar takes years of training and persistence. However, the real test begins once a superstar joins the company.

Superstars need to remain at the top of their game at all times and continue to push their boundaries to get better. Since a superstar’s physique is one of their greatest assets, many wrestlers put in a lot of effort to stay in top shape.

WWE Superstars such as Bobby Lashley, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre are often seen putting in the work at the gym. However, a few superstars have put in the extra effort to physically transform themselves.

While the WWE Universe has taken notice of wrestlers’ physical transformations, many of their colleagues have also reacted to the efforts they have put in.

Take a look at seven times WWE wrestlers have reacted to their colleague’s physical transformations.

#7 Pete Dunne’s physical transformation caught the eye of a WWE veteran

Pete Dunne has been one of the most consistent performers in WWE NXT for quite some time now. Dunne came into NXT at a very young age, and he has worked his way up the ladder very well.

Dunne is looking to prove that he is the best technical worker in WWE, and he has a lot to do to back up that claim. The Bruiserweight has also worked a lot on his physical appearance over the past year.

Earlier in his career, Dunne did not have the best physique on the NXT UK roster. However, he has changed that by working out and putting on a lot of muscle. His hard work caught the eye of several WWE Superstars, including Randy Orton.

While other superstars simply reacted to his transformation, The Viper tweeted out of nowhere to praise Dunne’s physique. Orton seemed impressed by the work Dunne had put in to transform his body.

After posting several pictures to show off his transformation, Dunne revealed further details on his Instagram Stories. He explained how hard he had to work to transform himself.

“Between my highest and lowest weigh-ins were about six months.”I have a lot of people asking for the ‘secret’, diet plan etc. Train to legit failure, eat in a slight deficit, make sustainable changes for life not just for 6 weeks. Throw in decent genetics and you’d be surprised what you’re capable of.”
The Bruiserweight has had a good time since his return to television. Dunne has had a few matches against Finn Balor for the NXT Championship and is looking to win the title sooner rather than later.


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