Predicting the next 5 WWE Champions

The WWE Championship is the most prestigious prize in sports entertainment. Dozens of Hall of Famers have held the title over the last 70 years. The list includes legends like Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Kurt Angle, and Kane.

With its prestige, it is no surprise that every wrestler aspires to win the top prize. The WWE Champion is often found on the posters of pay-per-views and is featured in marquee matches regularly.

The current champion is Bobby Lashley, who is in his first reign. The All-Mighty won the title in March after making quick work of The Miz. Given how dominant he has been, it would take a minor miracle to dethrone him. However, Lashley is bound to lose the WWE Championship someday.

Another star will take his place at the top when he loses, and then the whole cycle repeats itself.

It may be a little too far-fetched to predict the next five WWE Champions, but the prophecies have been made keeping the current situation and plans in mind.

#5 Drew McIntyre will be the next WWE ChampionDrew McIntyre may be the one to dethrone Bobby Lashley.
Drew McIntyre may be the one to dethrone Bobby Lashley.
Since the day Lashley won the title, Drew McIntyre has been a thorn in the path of the WWE Champion. The Scottish Psychopath wouldn’t have lost the championship to The Miz in the first place if Lashley hadn’t attacked him.

The two fierce rivals locked horns at WrestleMania 37. However, MVP distracted McIntyre, who fell victim to Lashley’s devastating Hurt Lock. The Scottish Warrior received another shot at WrestleMania Backlash, but Braun Strowman was also involved. The All-Mighty retained the title after an all-out brawl by pinning Strowman.

Kofi Kingston inserted himself into the picture after he pinned the WWE Champion with some help from McIntyre. There is a possibility that Kingston could challenge for the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell, but McIntyre is the favorite to become the next contender. McIntyre and Kingston will face each other in a #1 contender match next week.

After all, rumors suggest that Lashley and McIntyre will fight inside Hell in a Cell at the titular pay-per-view.

Although Lashley has been extremely dominant, McIntyre is determined to win back the top prize. Inside Hell in a Cell, MVP wouldn’t be a factor and hence, the odds would be even. It would be hard to bet against a fired-up McIntyre, and Lashley needs to bring his best.

After a brutal encounter, the Scottish Warrior could reclaim the WWE Championship.

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