“We were never friends” – Former WWE star opens up about relationship with Triple H

Former WWE and WCW star Marc Mero wrestled Triple H in both promotions. In a recent interview, Mero said that Triple H was probably the one Superstar he has wrestled the most.

Marc Mero was recently a guest on James’ Wrestling Shoot Interviews. During the interview, the former WWE star was asked about his relationship with Triple H. Mero said that while he was never close friends with Triple H, he was grateful for everything he learned while he wrestled “The Game.”

“I probably wrestled him more than anybody in history,” said Mero. “We were in WCW as Jean Paul Levesque and Johnny B. Badd, and of course, I beat him every night and the going over to WWE. He did get his first championship belt from me, it was the Intercontinental belt. It was his first title win. I gotta tell you, we were never friends in the business, we were cordial with each other. We never hung out or anything. If I could ever say anything to Triple H, I’d say thank you. I learned so much from that guy. He is an unbelievable worker. He really studies the game, he studies matches and I became a better wrestler because I got to wrestle him so much.”


Mero praised Triple H and noted how much working with “The King of Kings” helped him.

Former WWE star Marc Mero on the three wrestlers he worked with the most

Marc Mero in WWE
Marc Mero in WWE

Later on in the interview, Marc Mero named the three wrestlers he had worked with the most during his career.

The first wrestler Marc Mero named was Triple H. He also pointed to WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page, saying that he had wrestled these three legends hundreds of times:

“There were three guys that I wrestled a lot,” Mero recalled. “Number one, Triple H. Number two, Stone Cold Steve Austin. And number three was Diamond Dallas Page. Three guys that I wrestle probably a couple of hundred times each. What a bless, to work with guys like that.”

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