5 current full-time WWE Superstars who already have a Hall of Fame-worthy career

WWE’s current roster is absolutely stacked right now, with a mix of fresh talents and veterans. The company has done a stellar jo345b at creating stars over the past few years. Multiple names have led successful careers in WWE, with some of them already boasting a resume worthy of the Hall of Fame.These superstars have already carved out incredible legacies for themselves, through Championship victories and incredible moments up and down the card. The criteria for entering the WWE Hall of Fame is intangible. But based on their accomplishments in the company, it is fair to say that a good chunk of today’s roster has earned their place in the Hall of Fame. Be it immediately upon retirement or years afterward, a lot of current active WWE stars will likely get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Last year, we made a list of ten current full-time superstars that have earned a spot. They range from obvious choices like Randy Orton and Roman Reigns to relatively newer names like The New Day. You can check them out HERE. How many of these superstars would you like to see get inducted? Adding to those ten, here are five more current full-time WWE Superstars who already have a career worthy of the Hall of Fame.

#5 Rey Mysterio is a WWE legend

This one is a no-brainer. Rey Mysterio has had a legendary career – one that began over 30 years ago. The bulk of it has come under the WWE umbrella. He became a top star in the company, and his popularity remains high today. Mysterio was a part of every spot on the card across his WWE career. The Master of the 619 has always delivered in the ring from the cruiserweight division to the world title scene. He never has a bad match. As a result, Mysterio has won countless Championships in WWE, including three world titles. He is one of the most identifiable wrestlers in history, while his seamless in-ring work is still effective. Rey Mysterio has been a major success for WWE, two times over. He has already left an incredible legacy in the business, with his in-ring style inspiring a generation of wrestlers.

The fact that he is still wrestling full-time at such a high level is astonishing. Mysterio absolutely should be in the WWE Hall of Fame particularly for his timelessness and popularity. He is likely to remain with the company post-retirement as his son, Dominik, continues his progress as a WWE Superstar.

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