IMPACT Wrestling Results: NJPW legend debuts; Omega’s challengers fall apart

We’re one week closer to IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds, and IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Kenny Omega has several men gunning for that target on his back. While Moose won the Under Siege six-way, Sami Callihan had a legit gripe against him and The Good Brothers. We’d see them confront one another throughout the show tonight.

BTI saw Eddie Edwards face off against IMPACT Wrestling rookie Sam Beale, who’d had several big matches against top wrestlers as of late. Tonight he had the opportunity to defeat a former world champion, but unfortunately came up short.

We started the night off with a man who has been a major thorn in the side of the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion.

Sami Callihan kicks off IMPACT Wrestling

The Callihan Death Machine marched to the ring and demanded a chair. As he sat down, Sami Callihan called out IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Kenny Omega for the chaos that they’d brought to his home turf.

“You can plan for a guy like Moose. You can plan how to counter a spear. You can plan for Rich Swann. You can plan how to counter a guy coming off the top with a 450 Splash. But you cannot plan for me.” When Callihan called out Omega and Don Callis, he was surprised by the appearance of number one contender Moose.

Mr. IMPACT Wrestling came out to cut off Callihan’s complaints. It didn’t matter what Callihan said about Omega or The Good Brothers playing dirty. The fact of the matter was that Moose emerged victorious in that six-way at IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege. Nobody else would be touching Omega until Moose took the title away from him.

Once that was done, Moose would give Callihan his chance…and crush him. Callihan called back to when Moose was goaded by Don Callis into attacking James Storm, claiming he was easy to control. Callihan? Nobody controls him.

Former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Champions The Good Brothers came out to take Moose’s side, claiming that Moose was a Wrestling God and Sami Callihan simply…wasn’t. Doc Gallows put his arm around Moose’s shoulders as they stated they were on Moose’s side.

Moose smiled, saying “They’re on my side. The problem is I’m not on theirs.” Moose and Callihan attacked Omega’s lackeys, forcing them to flee.

Backstage, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson were met by Don Callis. The Invisible Hand offered them a chance tonight. We’d see them in a tag team match against Moose and Callihan.

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