WWE Rumor Roundup: Backstage heat on former World Champion, Big name to join RAW, Roman Reigns turning babyface? (27th May 2021)

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup where we try and bring you the latest backstage stories and rumors related to the world of WWE. In today’s edition, we will take a look at who has replaced Adnan Virk as the lead commentator on RAW, heat on a multi-time world champion for his recent comments and much more.

This article will also take a look at the heat between two iconic veterans and details about a big name finally returning to WWE. So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the biggest stories and rumors of the day.

#5 Jimmy Smith to replace Adnan Virk as the WWE RAW lead announcer

Former MMA fighter and broadcast personality Jimmy Smith has been shortlisted to become the new lead announcer on WWE RAW. As reported earlier, Adnan Virk’s stay on RAW came to an end a few days back as both parties agreed to part ways.

Virk had stated that extended travel had become difficult to manage along with his other jobs. Jimmy Smith is said to be a life-long WWE fan who grew up idolizing superstars such as Mr Perfect and Bruiser Body. Smith reacted to the news of him becoming part of WWE on Twitter:

“Hey guys, well it’s been a busy day. Apparently WWE liked my work so far. I know I’m stepping into a new world (I WAS a Mr. Perfect and Bruiser Brody fanatic however) but know I’ll do everything I can to honor the athletes and fans. Watch Monday and judge my work for yourself.”

Apart from being an MMA fighter, Smith is also the daily host of SiriusXM’s ‘Unlocking the Cage’ and has worked as the host of American Ninja Warrior. Smith has also been a part of the NXT Takeovers as an analyst where he hosted the pre-show.

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