Veteran offers explanation after controversy over his comments on Randy Orton

Randy Orton has been called one of the greatest performers of this generation on more than one occasion. However, WWE veteran and AEW commentator Jim Ross got into trouble for saying that Orton is the best wrestler today.

Jim Ross had stated that he believes that there is nobody better than Randy Orton today. He admitted that some Kenny Omega fans might take exception to this statement, but he will not argue with them as everyone has the right to have their opinion.

The controversy started once Chris Jericho took to Twitter to praise Kenny Omega. Thus began an online campaign for multiple people trying to put Omega over. Omega even replied to Chris Jericho taking a jab at Jim Ross, calling him ‘the guy who thought I was WWE Champion’.

Jim Ross broke his silence on the topic while speaking on Grilling JR:

“We have a little controversy going about who I apparently said that I thought Randy Orton was the best wrestler in the world. People forget that I recruited these guys. I’ve had a business association with a guy like Randy Orton since day one. Coach Barry Switzer said, ‘You recruit these kids for life’ and I kind of take that to heart. I’ve helped a lot of guys who got down on their luck and needed a check, what have you, way past WWE days,” said Ross.

Jim Ross on comparisons between Randy Orton and Kenny Omega

Jim Ross expressed his displeasure over why a simple statement he made has snowballed into such a big controversy.

“I don’t know how that could be such a big issue. I just don’t get it,” said Ross.

Jim Ross clarified that by praising Randy Orton, he wasn’t trying to besmirch Kenny Omega. Ross discussed his association with Orton over the years and reiterated that everybody is entitled to their opinion.

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