5 WWE Superstars who accused fellow wrestlers of being unprofessional

WWE Superstars sign a contract when they become officially employed by the company. This means that they have to adhere to certain rules.

Whilst many wrestling rules are laid out in contract form, other unspoken rules are also expected to be followed.

These unwritten rules include shaking the hands of fellow wrestlers when entering the building as well as never speaking to the WWE Universe out of character since it ruins the entire illusion.

Over the years, several of these rules have been broken and it’s led to punishment and even fellow WWE stars stating that a certain wrestler is unprofessional. The following list looks at just five occasions where WWE stars have accused fellow wrestlers of being unprofessional.

#5. John Cena is accused of having an unprofessional moment by former WWE star Arn Anderson

John Cena is one of the biggest superstars in the business and a wrestler who has climbed through the ranks in WWE since his debut back in 2002.

Despite becoming a household name in WWE over the past decade, there are several stories linked to John Cena that WWE would rather forget. Arn Anderson revealed one of these stories on his ARN Podcast where he revealed that the former 16-time World Champion had an unprofessional moment in a match against Kurt Angle:

“He was wrestling Kurt Angle, as we know Kurt Angle is the real deal, he’s an assassin. All of a sudden I see John, out of nowhere during a random time in the match he roles out of the ring, goes over the rail about 15 rows deep, grabs one of those big foam hands and folds it into a bird and points it at Kurt Angle,” Arn said.

“The audience popped, but as he gave it back and came over that rail to re-join the match, guess who was waiting on him and not too happy about what just happened? That would be Kurt Angle and he proceeded to beat John half to death..

‘He got a little stiff and snug with him because it was something that did not work in the match. It was unprofessional, it was just a foolish thing to do during that point in the match. It’s just one of those things that goes through the learning process. If you learn from those mistakes you can accelerate and move forward,” he said.

Being the veteran, Kurt Angle made sure that John Cena was shown that this kind of thing didn’t happen in a WWE ring. It’s clear that Cena got the message and the incident didn’t happen again.

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