Wrestling legend reveals why he advised a young Undertaker not to sign with WWE [Exclusive]

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell has revealed that he advised a young Mark Calaway (aka The Undertaker) to sign with WCW instead of WWE. Mantell also spoke about how he helped Calaway get a job with WCW.

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda’s SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell opened up about meeting a young Mark Calaway, who would go on to become The Undertaker. Mantell revealed why he advised The Undertaker not to sign with WWE at that stage and instead sign with WCW:

“I knew the potential was there, he’s 6’10, and he was an athlete, and he’s not stupid, he’s got some sense about him. He ended up going… he wanted to go to WWF right away and I told him that I didn’t think that would be a good move for him at the time. Timing is everything. I thought that if he had went then he’d get covered up. I said, “Why don’t you go to WCW first and then let Vince see you.” That’s the whole clue of getting Vince to agree with you, is that you have to talk to him and make him think it’s his idea. You give him an idea and if he likes it he’ll start adding to it. Now it’s his idea. Now he’s probably more in the mood of doing the angle. I told him to go to WCW first, let Vince see you there and then go.” said Mantell.

Dutch Mantell on how he helped a young Mark Calaway (aka The Undertaker) sign with WCW

Going into more detail, Dutch Mantell opened up about how he helped a young Mark Calaway (aka The Undertaker) sign with WCW.

Dutch said that Jim Cornette was working for WCW at the time and he got on the phone to talk to him. With Sid Vicious out with an injury, Calaway was offered a spot in the Skyscrapers:

“I remember we were in Nashville and that was when the territories were dying. Nobody was making any money and Cornette was in Atlanta and Mark wanted to go to Atlanta so I picked the phone up and I called Cornette. We were lucky because Sid Vicious had just got hurt, he was teamed up with Dan Spivey, and they were looking for another big guy. I said he’s perfect for you, he’s 6’10. He said let me talk to them. This was like a Wednesday. They said can you start next Monday and he said yeah.” said Mantell.

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