Eric Bischoff says he made two Hall of Famers “bigger stars” than what they were under Vince McMahon

Eric Bischoff has declared that he made Scott Hall and Kevin Nash “bigger stars” in WCW than what they were in WWE under Vince McMahon.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, who went by the ring names Razor Ramon and Diesel respectively, surprisingly showed up at WCW Nitro in 1996. They made a big impact on WCW television as part of nWo alongside another former WWE star, Hulk Hogan.

On After 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed an old interview of Vince McMahon, which was conducted in the 90s at the peak of the Monday Night Wars. In the interview, the WWE Chairman alleged that WCW paid “exorbitant sums of money” for Superstars that WWE created. Eric Bischoff disagreed with Vince McMahon’s assessment and said:

“What I did, Vinnie, was take two stars (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) who previously worked at WCW, who then went to WWF and, yes, you made them stars, but I made them bigger stars – and you can’t handle it (laughs). That whole long-term contract came about as a result of competition, when I took those guys you didn’t think were stars and I made them bigger stars than they were when they were in WWF – Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

“They don’t show up to conventions and appearances wearing Diesel and Razor Ramon stuff, do they? They’re probably getting a little bit of royalty cheques from Diesel and Razor Ramon, but I’m sure it pales in comparison to the royalty cheques that they’re getting from nWo merchandise. I rest my case.”


Eric Bischoff on Jerry “The King” Lawler wanting to join WCW

Jerry "The King" Lawler
Jerry “The King” Lawler

Eric Bischoff recently disclosed that WWE Hall of Famer and commentary legend Jerry “The King” Lawler was keen to join WCW after leaving WWE.

“Jerry called me. I remember because I had never had a conversation with him. I mean, I certainly knew of Jerry and held him in high regard, but I had never even said hello to him,” he said. “We hadn’t crossed paths. We hadn’t talked on the phone. Nothing. I was in Los Angeles. I’m driving and I get a phone call from Jerry Lawler. Obviously, I recognized his voice instantly. We chatted for a few minutes and he let me know he was free.”

Bischoff said nothing came of the discussion between him and Lawler, and that WCW could have used him in some way.

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