Alexander Wolfe Clarifies His Status Following NXT Releases

Alexander Wolfe has issued a statement clarifying where he stands in NXT right now after this week’s releases.

As was the case last year when WWE released a batch of its Superstars, NXT has followed up by doing the same thing. On Wednesday this week, Drake Wuertz was let go from his contract. That news was followed by the reveal that another referee had been shown the door, and also now-former Superstars Jessamyn Duke, Kavita Devi, and Vanessa Borne.

Wolfe Isn’t Gone Yet

There were also rumors that Alexander Wolfe had been released from his contract. Wolfe has since taken to Twitter to confirm what exactly his situation is. While Wolfe currently remains under contract, the tweet suggests he has been told he will soon be leaving the black and gold brand. “My WWE contract will expire on June 15th. That means I’m a free agent on June 16th,” the tweet reads.

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Interestingly, Wolfe states that he has a WWE contract, not an NXT one. That might just be the way Wolfe has worded his tweet, or it could mean he remained under his main roster contract despite returning to NXT. Wolfe was a part of Sanity’s unsuccessful call-up to SmackDown, so would have had his contract switched when making that move. It’s possible his status was never switched back when Wolfe returned.

More Money, Less Days

If so, that’s good news and bad news for Wolfe. Good because his main roster contract would have been worth more. Bad because it means he will be bound to a 90-day non-compete clause rather than the standard 30 days for NXT contracts. Then again, since WWE is allowing Wolfe’s contract to expire rather than releasing him, it might mean he can compete anywhere he likes from June 16, 2021, onwards.

As for the other stars released by WWE this week, they will have to wait 30 days before they are able to wrestle elsewhere shoul[tldr_position]d they choose to do so. That means they will be free to appear for rival promotions before the main roster stars who were released last month. As was the case last year, those non-competes will expire a few days before Impact’s Slammiversary.

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