Drew McIntyre Says He Has “Unfinished Business” With Roman Reigns

It’s been six months since Drew McIntyre faced Roman Reigns one-on-one in the main event of Survivor Series.

But if the former WWE Champion gets his way, he’ll eventually get a rematch against The Tribal Chief.

During an interview with Mid-Day, McIntyre was asked which three WWE superstars he hopes to face. He mentioned Reigns, Jinder Mahal and Daniel Bryan, claiming that he has “unfinished business” with the Universal Champion.

“With Roman it’s pretty obvious there is unfinished business, we are a couple of Superstars at the top of our game on our respective brands,” McIntyre explained, while noting that the match finish as “cheap.”

Reigns was able to win the match thanks to interference from Jey Uso, who had recently turned heel to align himself with the Universal Champion. Uso delivered a Superkick to McIntyre, and Reigns was able to put the latter away with the Guillotine submission hold.

There were six matches on the Survivor Series 2020 card that pitted Raw superstars vs. SmackDown superstars. There was also an 18-man Battle Royal (won by The Miz) that consisted of wrestlers from both brands.

Reigns and McIntyre feuded several times in 2019, while they were mid-card performers. At the time, of course, Reigns was a babyface and McIntyre was a heel.

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Reigns defeated McIntyre in a singles match at Stomping Grounds. The former and The Undertaker teamed up in a winning effort against McIntyre and Shane McMahon at Extreme Rules one month later.

The roles were reversed when they squared off at Survivor Series. McIntyre had spent most of 2020 as the top babyface on Raw, while Reigns was in his third month as the major heel and Universal Champion on SmackDown.

A Rematch Has To Happen…Eventually

McIntyre and Reigns are competing on different brands now, so a rematch obviously isn’t imminent at this time. But down the road, WWE absolutely has to run a long-term program between McIntyre and Reigns, should they find themselves working on the same brand in the future. These two displayed remarkable in-ring chemistry together at Survivor Series, and countless fans would happily welcome a rematch.

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