“Seems like there’s a little bit of tension going on here”- Drew McIntyre responds to former WWE Champion

Drew McIntyre is one of WWE’s top superstars at the moment. He appears to have picked a bone with former WWE champion Jinder Mahal. They have a history together dating back to 2013 when they were both part of 3MB. They were released not long after.

Both wrestlers have a similar backstory. They were both released on the same day and they both got back in shape before returning to WWE and winning the WWE Championship.

Last week on The Bump, Jinder Mahal had some strong words for Drew, claiming that he was the one who “laid the blueprint” for The Scottish Warrior to become the WWE Champion.

Mahal’s gripe was that he wasn’t celebrated the way Drew was, despite being the one who paved the way for him. On this week’s WWE’s The Bump, Drew McIntyre responded to Jinder Mahal’s comments:

“[Jinder] is one of my closest friends in the world but he has been a little bit off since he got hurt. We’ve not talked to each other or seen each other as much. So it’s interesting that that’s what’s been going on in his head. I guess, technically, he has a point. We got fired on the same day but we didn’t quite go the same path. I instantly got out there on the independent scene and reinvented myself.” Drew added, “Jinder flew back under the radar and got signed back to WWE because of the brand split . . . He got himself in shape. He put the work in. I tell everyone you can do it within the system. Just bust your butt.

“Look at Jinder, he got to the top and won the title. People weren’t exactly thrilled, but he did it in 2017. It did take me three years later [to win the WWE Championship]. People reacted positively to my journey so I guess he has a legitimate gripe.” McIntyre continued: “I’m kind of surprised to see that and honestly he’s been at RAW the last couple of weeks and he’s kinda been ducking me. I’m gonna find him this week and have a little chat. Seems like there’s a little bit of tension going on here”

Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal recently shared the ring at WWE Superstar Spectacle

WWE presented a special event in January to celebrate Indian talent in WWE. The show was broadcast on January 26, which is India’s Republic Day.

The show featured multiple Indian wrestlers being showcased in matches against WWE’s top superstars. One of those matches featured Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal facing off in a tag team match. The Scottish Warrior picked up the win for his team.

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