RAW Results: Lashley suffers shock loss; Huge interference in Title rematch

MVP and Bobby Lashley kicked off RAW and proceeded to celebrate last night’s title defense. MVP bragged about how badly Lashley beat up Drew and Braun before issuing an open challenge on behalf of the champ.

Drew McIntyre interrupted MVP before he could finish talking and walked out to the ring. Drew wanted to face Lashley again but MVP stated the rules: the open challenge was for anyone other than Braun and Drew.

AJ Styles vs. Elias on RAW

Elias and AJ kicked off the singles match and AJ got a huge kick early on. Elias hit a spinebuster and then a dropkick on Styles, taking control of the match. The Drifter executed a gorilla press face-drop on Styles before AJ sent Elias outside.

AJ came back with a Pele Kick and Ushigoroshi before Elias hit the running knee on Styles and got a near-fall.

The Drifter charged at Styles but AJ hit him with the drop toe hold. He was about to hit the Phenomenal Forearm but Jaxson Ryker interfered, earning AJ a DQ win.

Result: AJ Styles def. Elias via DQ

Grade: C

Backstage on RAW, Riddle was talking to The New Day and Randy and wanted to combine the two teams.

He asked Randy to apologize to The New Day and instead, Kofi and Randy ended up getting into a fight and decided to have a match later.

Alexa’s Playground on RAW

Alexa was at her Playground with Lilly on RAW and they had guests on for the first time. Women’s tag champs Tamina and Natalya were there as guests and Alexa said Lilly wanted to know their favorite colors.

Natalya said hers was pink and Tamina threatened Alexa before Bliss said that Lilly liked the way Tamina beat up Reginald. Alexa was rambling about her demonic doll when the tag team champs walked off the set.

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