10 Backstage Stories About The Usos We Can’t Believe

The tag team run of Jimmy and Jey Uso has seen them become one of the best duos in WWE history. WWE believed in The Usos from day one when signing them to continue the family linage. Various changes would come throughout the years with them never once splitting up.

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The six tag title reigns in WWE as of early 2021 prove that the company always trusted them to step up when needing a strong championship run. All the while, quite a few things have come out about their time behind the scenes in the biggest wrestling promotion. The following stories will showcase more information about The Usos.

10WWE Wanted Their Fan Support To Help Roman

Roman Reigns and The Usos

The Usos have been one of the most successful fan-favorite tag teams and gained strong support in the 2010s from the face side. WWE struggled with getting Roman Reigns over with the live audience when many crowds booed him loudly.

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One of the ideas to get more fans behind Roman was to unite him with his cousins. Jimmy and Jey ended up teaming with Reigns on a few occasions in his feuds against The Club and The League of Nations, but the boos continued.

9WWE Wanted Them With Tamina Long Term

The Usos and Tamina's debut

The start of the run for The Usos saw them playing heels with Tamina as their manager. WWE introduced the trio from the Samoan Dynasty in a feud against other wrestling relatives that were viewed as wrestling greatness.

The Hart Dynasty of David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya were the top face team. Tamina and the Usos attacked them to get started on the main roster in a noteworthy feud. The desire to keep them together, in the long run, didn’t work out as Tamina was removed from Jimmy and Jey when they turned face.

8Rikishi Was Upset At Total Divas Portrayal Of Jimmy & Naomi’s Wedding

Naomi and Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso ended up becoming part of the Total Divas reality show for WWE when his wife Naomi joined the cast. Many viewers of the show considered Jimmy and Naomi as the most likable couple since they didn’t have as many dramatic moments.

One of the wilder moments featured the couple begging Jimmy’s dad Rikishi to attend their wedding. Despite agreeing, Rikishi allegedly missed the wedding to attend an independent wrestling event. The claims of Rikishi were that this part was scripted, and he didn’t like the portrayal of him.

7Quit Their Jobs To Take Opportunity Training With Umaga

The Usos and Umaga with Ember Moon

Umaga was the uncle of the Usos and one of the most successful members of the family in WWE. The influence of Umaga on Jimmy and Jey played a huge role in them getting started in the wrestling business.

Roman Reigns and The Usos worked for another relative in a furniture installation business setting up office items. Umaga gave them one final chance to start training with him and The Usos quit their job to make it happen. Reigns followed suit afterwards when realizing he wanted to join his cousins.

6They Were Upset About Not Making WM Card For Years

The Usos

WWE had a history of booking The Usos on pre-show matches from tag bouts to battle royals. Jimmy and Jey started to express frustration for this in 2018 when heading into WrestleMania 34. The Usos were firing on all cylinders and felt they deserved a main card spot.

Both brothers referenced this on social media and in interviews to get the fan support behind them. WWE finally gave The Usos their chance in a triple threat team match defending the SmackDown Tag Team Championship against New Day and The Bludgeon Brothers.

5WWE Extended Jey’s Feud With Roman Due To Great Work

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

The singles push of Jey Uso as the first rival to heel Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship run created a compelling storyline. Jey stepped up in a way few fans expected him to, coming off as a legitimate threat to Roman at times.

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WWE anticipated this being a one-off for one PPV before Reigns moved into another program at the bigger Hell in a Cell PPV. The work between the two cousins was so great that WWE extended it another month as the top feud on SmackDown.

4Changed Their Looks As Heels To Distance From Roman

The Usos

The Usos needed a change when they grew stale in 2016 heading into the brand split. WWE used Jimmy and Jey in the traditional face role for a few years. Fans started booing them a little during their association with Roman Reigns.

WWE went through with the pitched idea to turn heel and reinvent their characters. The Usos shared stories on New Day’s podcast about having to fight WWE about wearing the hoodies and jeans. Management thought the all-black look would be too similar to Roman, but Jimmy and Jey made it their own.

3Begged WWE To Lose Face Paint

The Usos

WWE found success with The Usos wearing colorful gear and face paint during their run as faces. Jimmy and Jey tried to make changes to the characters a few times, but WWE always stopped them due to the connection with younger fans.

The Usos revealed that they fought for months before WWE finally let them remove the face paint. Unlike wrestlers like Sting or The Ultimate Warrior, the face paint wasn’t part of The Usos’ identities and they wanted a change.

2They Were Livid At Miz For Showing Up Sick To WM 36 Taping

The Usos, The Miz, Roman Reigns

WrestleMania 36 was a wild two-night event taped right after the drastic changes in society canceled the live event. WWE tried to get the show taped with minimal staff and attempted to follow all guidelines.

Reports circulated that Roman Reigns pulled out of his advertised match against Goldberg when The Miz showed up with symptoms similar to the virus. The rumors claimed that Jimmy and Jey were the ones upset since they had a scheduled match involving Miz and knew their cousin Roman had a higher risk than the average wrestler given his prior health issues.

1Let Young Bucks Plan Great Match For WWE Tryout

The Young Bucks


Many wrestling fans would argue that The Young Bucks and The Usos are the two best tag teams of this generation. The heartbreaking part is that fans have never been able to see a match between the top duos even though they did work together once.

Matt and Nick Jackson shared a story about having an incredible tryout match for WWE with The Usos during the controversial day Booker T buried them. The Usos apparently let them have a great match instead of the basic tryout matches that took place at WWE.

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