[Theory] Seth Rollins Is On The Verge Of A Joker-Esque Character Change

There are times in WWE when you believe you’re witnessing a real character shift. Some transitions are blatantly obvious, such as a dramatic heel turn. Other changes simmer over a number of months and when you look back, you wonder how you didn’t see it coming.

I get that feeling when I watch Seth Rollins.

The latest example came on Sunday night when Rollins closed WrestleMania Backlash by attacking Cesaro. The performance Rollins put in over the course of about 4 minutes worth of work was incredible. From his look to his tone and his emotional range, Rollins is changing. In many ways, he’s descending into utter chaos and I can’t help but wonder if a Joker-esque character shift is coming.

The “Rollins’ Look”

Of all the villains in the history, the Joker is, without a doubt, one of the most charismatic and iconic characters. He’s a total lunatic, but he’s dressed to the nines and there’s an aura of class and dignity in his chaos.

There have been numerous versions of the Joker over the years, but the one thing that seems to remain a constant is his attire. His colorful suits are part of what we’ve come to know and love about the villain, which makes him just a little bit more fun to root for, even though we know we’re not supposed to.

Rollins has certainly upped his suit game over the past few weeks. Coming out with a different style each and every week, his drip is now a big part of his character. He’s a bad guy, but you can’t help but totally dig his style and he’s using it to be about as cool a heel as WWE has right now.

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The “Rollins’ Message”

The Joker wants the world to fry. He’s not fueled by the things most villains are. He’s out to spread fear and covert others to follow his message. Rollins too has a message and he calls it “embracing the vision.” It’s not entirely clear what that vision is, but all those who oppose it are an obstacle in his path.

Like the Joker — who is willing to go to any means necessary to spread his message — Rollins has taken a very dark turn with his antics. On Sunday, he focused on an already injured arm of Cesaro, stuck it in a chair and proceeded to try and destroy it on the ring post. Rollins continually yelled “I’m Seth freakin’ Rollins” and “nobody makes a fool out of me”, but there’s clearly more going on inside his head.

Why is he so angry? There’s a backstory there.

Rollins’ Emotional Range

Rollins is all over the map emotionally with any given promo. Like The Joker, he can go from laughing to outraged, and sad to happy in a matter of seconds. All it takes is one word, one look or one gesture and he’s triggered, while strangely also in control.

We saw this on Sunday night when he stared down Roman Reigns, then jumped to attack Cesaro, all while popping in and out of emotional states. At times he was happy. At times he was enraged. He’ll just as easily laugh with you as he will cripple you and it’s difficult to predict which version of Rollins will show up.Cesaro and Corey Graves got a little taste on a recent episode of SmackDown.

Rollins isn’t the biggest guy, but neither was the Joker. What makes them so scary is that neither are all there. You can’t predict or often combat crazy. That emotional range was never more obvious than in the recent adaptation of The Joker character when Joaquin Phoenix won awards for just how often he seemed to jump in and out of fits of hysteria.

Where Is WWE Going With This?

We may never see Rollins don face paint, but we don’t have to in order to get a version of this character that resembles a Joker-like quality. They key here is focusing on the fact that perhaps Rollins is unhinged. Perhaps he’s a little off his rocker and perhaps something triggered it that we haven’t been made aware of yet.

Like the Joker, who wanted to be a comedian but a set of incredibly terrible circumstances motivated his spiral into insanity, Rollins simply needs the backstory. What is making him behave this way?

It is as simple as him doing whatever it takes to get to the title? Or, is not about championships? Does embracing the vision mean something different and the rest of WWE is in for a world of pain if they don’t see it… starting with Cesaro.

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