The Miz Devoured By Army of the Dead Zombies During WrestleMania Backlash

As part of the promotion for Zack Synder’s Army of the Dead film that is out in theaters now and will be on Netflix on May 21st, the Lumberjack Match between The Miz and Damian Priest featured some interesting lumberjacks.

John Morrison warned The Miz prior to his match that the lumberjacks might be zombies and while The Miz didn’t believe him, it turned out to be true. They got their own intro to the ring, had a custom built background in the ThunderDome and were accompanied by smoke, giving the entire match a Thriller video vibe that was supposed to resemble a zombie film set.

During the contest, the zombies tried to get at both competitors. The Miz was clearly distracted, but they went after Priest as well. At one point, both Priest and The Miz actually had to work together to take out the zombies, with Morrison even coming down and trying to take out as many as he could.

Morrison was pulled over the ringside barricade and The Miz took the pin, being left in the ring for the zombies to slowly crawl in and devour him. While there was not blood and guts of a typical zombie flick, it’s not clear if this was just a one-off, or if WWE is actually trying to suggest The Miz and Morrison were eaten alive.

We assume neither character was actually eaten, but we’ll see if anything comes of this on Monday.

An Interesting Idea On Paper

This was a unique idea for promotional purposes, but it was really quite a disaster when it comes to executing a match. The zombies were a distraction more than an accentuation of a feud that has been going on since the Royal Rumble.

Batista even promoted the idea that a few of his “friends” were going to show up, so WWE must have been paid pretty good money to go this route by the movie studio that made the film.

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