Brock Lesnar Needs To Return… So Roman Reigns Can Squash Him

Brock Lesnar has been gone from WWE for well over a year. The Beast Incarnate lost the WWE Title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36 and hasn’t been seen since. There has been a whole other WrestleMania since Lesnar last showed his face in WWE. The first WrestleMania without The Beast on the card for nine years, as a matter of fact. The pandemic will have likely had its part to play in Lesnar’s absence, however, he may also be winding down his career, and might even already be done.

While most fans might be okay with Lesnar’s match at WrestleMania 36 being his last, we hope he comes back for a little more. Even if it’s just one more bout. A final showdown with Roman Reigns. The pair have done it more than once on The Grandest Stage of Them All and have limited move sets. You might argue that there’s never left to see. Well, you haven’t seen this.

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A Massive Threat To The Tribal Chief

Reigns and Lesnar have stepped into the ring with each other a number of times. Six to be exact, not including Royal Rumble matches. Even though Lesnar hasn’t won every time that Reigns has lost – Seth Rollins inserted himself into the match and stole a win at WrestleMania 31 – he certainly doesn’t have a winning record against The Beast.

The Big Dog lost to Lesnar in a four-way match at SummerSlam 2017, then lost again one on one at WrestleMania the following year, and then again in a rematch less than a month later. That last one really stung, for Reigns and the fans. The loss took place in Saudi Arabia and it felt almost nailed on that Reigns was going to win. That might well have been the plan at one point. An ex-WWE writer recently revealed Vince McMahon has a tendency to change the finishes of Lesnar’s Saudi matches without telling anyone.

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Reigns would eventually get the win he had been chasing for more than three years at SummerSlam 2018. It was hard-fought though, and there’s no guarantee he could repeat the feat. The Universal Champion is currently working his way through the SmackDown roster. He has challengers after Cesaro with Seth Rollins the most likely next candidate.  Odds are Reigns will keep on winning and at some point, the remaining challengers won’t feel like much of a threat at all.

Do It For Paul

Cue the return of The Beast, and the first genuine threat to Reigns’ reign. The one man to have caused The Tribal Chief the most problems in his career. It might even be Paul Heyman who brings Lesnar in, albeit covertly. Reigns doesn’t exactly treat Heyman well. The advocate always appears to be on edge. Should that escalate, Heyman may have no other choice but to call his old client and ask for help.

If Reigns’ time as champion goes as most would predict, then that inevitable showdown with Rollins will likely headline SummerSlam later this year. And what a match that will be. There might well be a rematch at a follow-up PPV, perhaps Hell in a Cell. Lesnar’s triumphant return can take place at Survivor Series. Not only is it a stage big enough for this mega match, and a show on which this match has previously never taken place, but it would also be an excuse for WWE to drop the whole brand supremacy bit. The premise becomes more convoluted with each passing year.

Try as he might, Lesnar will fail to get his hands on Reigns before the match itself. Jey Uso will effectively act as a human shield, as will Jimmy who will have likely fallen in line behind the champ by that point. Reigns won’t show that he’s scared, but will conveniently be just out of reach of Lesnar every time The Beast tries to get to him before Survivor Series.

The Big Night

The night finally arrives and there’s no more throwing bodies in Lesnar’s way for Reigns. The biggest threat to his lengthy title run arrives. Fans are adamant this is where it ends. Not only does history dictate that will be the case, but Reigns will have been champion for well over a year by that point. A title switch is inevitable.

Except it isn’t, and it never even looks like it’s going to happen. Reigns beats Lesnar at his own game. Superman Punch out the gate. And then another. And another. Next a Spear followed up by a few more. Remember when Lesnar hit John Cena with all those German suplexes at SummerSlam? This match will basically be an homage to that, but this time Lesnar is the one eating the mat over and over again.

Reigns eventually has mercy on Lesnar and covers him for the win. Still champion, he stands over the slain beast, title held aloft, Heyman just visible as he cowers, peering over the apron. You might think Lesnar wouldn’t be up for this, but it’s honestly hard to see why he wouldn’t be. When working with someone he likes and respects, Lesnar is one of the best in the business. Considering how long he has known Reigns and how many times they have worked together, it’s hard to imagine he doesn’t like the Universal Champion at this point. Pay him what he wants WWE, and make this match happen. Reigns will feel indestructible and become the biggest star WWE has had since, well, Brock Lesnar.

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