The Rock Is So Ripped His Black Adam Outfit Won’t Need Padding

The Rock’s physique is already so impressive, his trainer claims the suit he will don for Black Adam won’t require any padding.

A number of wrestlers have used the business as a stepping stone to become big-time Hollywood stars, whether that was their intention or not. No one has managed to do it quite as successfully as The Rock, though. The former WWE Champion might well be the most famous actor in the world right now, and things are only going to get better for The Great One.

Production has begun on The Rock’s first foray into the money-spinning world of superhero movies. The People’s Champ will portray Black Adam in the DCEU which has recently undergone something of a rejuvenation. That return to form was headed up by Zack Snyder’s Justice League and is set to continue via the sequel-reboot hybrid to The Suicide Squad, which hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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The Rock has been hard at work preparing for what might well be his biggest role to date. So much so that he may have made the jobs of those preparing his costumes for the movie a little easier. According to Dave Rienzi, The Rock’s trainer, the actor-turned-wrestler’s physique is so impressive right now that his Black Adam costume won’t require padding to make him look more heroic.

“We’ve been building up to the Black Adam movie for a while, with this goal of creating a real-life superhero physique… with no padded superhero suit necessary,” Rienzi told Muscle and Fitness. Production has begun on Black Adam, and prior to that The Rock gave fans a sneak peek at the very first page of the script. The DC blockbuster is currently slated to hit theaters July 2022.

As for the wrestling world, The Rock has given off mixed messages as to what that particular future might hold. While he did announce his retirement from in-ring competition, Rock has also hinted he could be tempted back between the ropes for a match against his cousin Roman Reigns. The most logical setting for that match would be WrestleMania Hollywood, which is a little less than two years away.

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