Dynamite Match Ends Early After Orange Cassidy Gets Knocked Out, Original Plan Revealed

A match to decide Kenny Omega’s challenger at Double or Nothing had to be changed on the fly after Orange Cassidy was unable to continue.

Wrestling can be unpredictable at times, even to those who put the matches together. That seems to be more prevalent this week than usual. First Humberto Carrillo’s match-stopping injury on Raw, and now via the same thing for Orange Cassidy on Dynamite. Freshly Squeezed was unable to continue on Wednesday night leading to his match with Pac coming to a premature end.

While it’s unclear when exactly Cassidy was first injured in the match, a sunset powerbomb outside the ring was the move that seems to have finished Cassidy off. Despite his best efforts, Cassidy was unable to make it back to his feet in order to finish the match. An audible was called and the match was declared a no contest.

According to PWInsider, while the match was supposed to end in a draw, it was meant to go for another seven minutes, hitting the time limit. At that point, it would have been declared that Omega will face both men at Double or Nothing in a triple threat. Since Cassidy was hurt and the planned finish was a draw, the decision was made to end the match early so Cassidy could be checked.

Reports suggest Cassidy was briefly knocked out at some point but the belief he suffered a concussion may be unfounded. A follow-up report from PWInsider has confirmed Cassidy was okay and responsive when he got back to the locker room. Tony Schiavone confirmed after the match that the AEW Title will be defended in a three-way match at Double or Nothing.

When the match does go down at Double or Nothing it will be something of a milestone for AEW. From the crowning of Chris Jericho as the first AEW Champion to Omega’s defense against Rich Swann, every match for the title has been a singles bout up until now. This match with Cassidy and Pac will be the first time the champion has had to defend against more than one challenger at the same time.

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