“I feel like we could do some cool stuff together” – Drew McIntyre hopes to work with former WWE Champion

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been a prominent roster member since defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania last year. He has been involved in premier storylines on RAW, working with several different top talents.

One name that Drew hasn’t worked with during his run as the Scottish Warrior is Jinder Mahal. The Modern Day Maharaja and McIntyre have a storied history dating back to 2012 when they were part of 3MB alongside Heath Slater.

Speaking on a recent edition of Sunday Night’s Main Event, Drew McIntyre expressed that he has a long list of stars he wants to work with.

“There’s people from all across the world that I would want to work with but we’ll stick with RAW right now since that’s the only feasible one at this moment in time. For now, I’m always looking for the best story,” McIntyre said. “I think that’s important. I’ve been chasing the title for a long time but I don’t know it would be the worst thing in the world if Drew McIntyre steps away for a minute and gets into a serious story that brings me back to the title. That’s just me thinking out loud.”

McIntyre then stated that Jinder Mahal looks “ready to go” and he “hopes” to meet his former 3MB stablemate in the future.

“I see Jinder Mahal is looking pretty healthy right now. I don’t see him currently in any story. Looks like he’s ready to go to me, so I’m hoping Jinder that I get to do something down the line,” McIntyre continued. “Much like Sheamus and I, we have such a real history with each other and that’s what it’s all about. The more real it is, the more people can invest. We have such real history that people don’t know about.

“They know we were in 3MB together, they know we got fired on the same date together,” McIntyre added. “Maybe Jinder’s upset that when he won the title three years before I did, people weren’t happy about it. They kind of keep ranking it as one of the worst title reigns ever while mine was universally praised at the time . . . maybe he feels disrespected. There’s a lot of possibility from a storyline perspective as to why Jinder Mahal would come after Drew McIntyre. I feel we could do some cool stuff together because we have such a history.”

Jinder Mahal returned to WWE at the Superstar Spectacle

Jinder Mahal at the Superstar Spectacle
Jinder Mahal at the Superstar Spectacle

In January, WWE presented the Superstar Spectacle for Indian Republic Day, which showcased Indian talent in WWE.

The card also featured Jinder Mahal, who returned to WWE nine months after being sidelined because of complications with his knee. He squared up against Drew McIntyre in a tag team match.

Jinder competed against Jeff Hardy in a singles match last week on WWE Main Event. He might be getting prepared for a storyline on WWE RAW some time soon.

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