3 reasons why Jimmy Uso should acknowledge Roman Reigns and 2 why he shouldn’t

Jimmy Uso’s return during last week’s episode of SmackDown sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. He returned to join his brother and Roman Reigns, greeting them at the start of the show.

As the episode progressed, however, things started to slowly break down. On one side of things, Jimmy Uso was unwilling to be cowed by his cousin, as Roman Reigns looked to dominate him as well.

At the same time, he had issues with Seth Rollins, who accused The Usos of causing distractions during his match with Cesaro.

Finally, the night came to an end when Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso were all beaten down by Cesaro. Prior to the assault, the returning Uso was supposed to make his stand on SmackDown clear — whether it be siding with Roman Reigns or standing on his own two feet, away from his family members.

Questions were left unanswered as a result of which fans are waiting for what he will have to say in the coming weeks.

The following are three reasons why Jimmy Uso should acknowledge Roman Reigns and two reasons why he should not.

#3 Why Jimmy Uso should acknowledge Roman Reigns: To protect Jey Uso

Jimmy Uso has only recently returned after he was out with a year-long injury. Throughout this time, his brother has been at the side of Reigns, following last year’s feud between the two stars.

Jey Uso has been in the middle of Reigns and Paul Heyman, with both of them berating him for every mistake he makes. Jey’s confidence has gone down, and where he was once the main event star battling Reigns for the Universal title, he is now no more than a lackey.

If there’s ever been a time when Jey needed his brother, it’s now. Jimmy Uso could acknowledge Roman Reigns, and thereby stay by his brother’s side, protecting him from the wrath of the Tribal Chief. At the same time, he could help to get his brother’s confidence back to a place where he could venture out on his own.

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