Chaotic finish to SmackDown sees Roman Reigns and his crew destroyed

Roman Reigns aimed to close out SmackDown by addressing the tension between himself, Jey Uso, and the returning Jimmy Uso. The situation between the three men escalated, especially after Jimmy seemed to make it clear that he has no intention of falling in line behind the Universal Champion.

It seemed this would be a family affair, but Cesaro had other plans. The Swiss Cyborg came into the ring, and decimated Roman Reigns and the Usos.

Cesaro first turned his attention to the Head of the Table before taking out Jey Uso, who tried to protect his Tribal Chief. Finally, he took out the returning Jimmy Uso, who set differences aside to come to the aid of his family.

The night ended with Cesaro leaving destruction in his wake, as Roman Reigns, Jey and Jimmy Uso were laid out on the mat. It’s not every day that WWE chooses to allow someone to take out Roman Reigns and his family.

Cesaro’s actions make his WrestleMania Backlash match against Roman Reigns even more interesting to watch. We cannot wait to see what will happen.

Could Roman Reigns start a feud with Jimmy Uso?

The night’s events occurred mainly due to Roman Reigns’ and Jimmy Uso’s failure to get on the same page. The Tribal Chief was desperate to have his cousin ‘acknowledge’ him, but Jimmy made it clear that he doesn’t want to end up like his brother.

There are unresolved issues between Reigns and his cousin, especially after last year’s events between himself and Jey. Jimmy claims that his brother has gone soft and turned sides.

Roman Reigns wants to bring Jimmy into the fold, while the latter wants to rule the tag team division with his brother once again.

One thing is certain: Jimmy Uso will not fall in line anytime soon. This could potentially lead to a feud between himself and Roman, similar to the one between Jey and Reigns last year.

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