10 Best Gimmick Match Types In Wrestling

The brilliance of professional wrestling is that there is so much variety to be had with it. Wrestlers and bookers are always looking to come up with a fresh idea to spark the interest of fans, and that is something that happens on a regular basis, with so many amazing match types that have taken place throughout history.

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While there have been some disasters as well, with the Punjabi Prison match being an example of that, most match types typically add to the excitement of a storyline. Of course, a standard singles match or tag team bout are always reliable, here we will be looking at the 10 best match types that have been created that are a little more outside the box.


Steel Cage Match

The steel cage match has its rightful place in wrestling history, having created some of the best moments of all time. However, as years have progressed there have been greater variations, with this match often having lots of interference, despite that being what it’s supposed to stop.

However, despite that, there is still always a great deal of excitement when a steel cage match is announced. There’s a lot of different ways to win and that brings with it the ability for some fantastic storytelling.

Iron Man Match

An Iron Man match is a special match type and one that has to be reserved for very talented wrestlers to perform. It’s a long, grueling encounter, but with the right rivalry, it can lead to a classic match.

The storytelling possibilities in these matches are simply phenomenal, and that is why it’s such a good option. It’s all about great wrestling within this match type, and giving talent enough time to really weave together something special is always fun to see.

Death Match
This is something that is typically reserved for non-WWE matches, and the brutality of these can be too much for some. However, there’s certainly a place for the Death Match in wrestling and while they’re total carnage, they are also very fun to watch.

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These matches are hard-hitting, full of violence, and normally super creative. When it comes to a red-hot feud between wrestlers who truly hate each other, this is often a fantastic way to solve the problem.

Royal Rumble Match
Rumble 1992
The Royal Rumble match is an amazing match type that has created some of the greatest wrestling moments in history. Taking the idea of a traditional battle royal and changing things up by having entrants enter at timed intervals until only one is left standing was a great idea.

While they can drag on if they’re not booked well, the match is always full of excitement and tension. The unpredictable nature of the match is what really drives this one, and the fact it happens only once a year with big stakes is what makes it even more special.

War Games

War Games was WCW’s best concept, and NXT bringing it back has only continued that legacy. The stories that can be told in this are endless due to the manner in which they work, with teammates often being outnumbered.

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Having two cages together makes it a complete spectacle from a viewing standpoint, while also allowing for some fun in-ring moments. The team element is also something that is always enjoyable to watch as well, which makes this match type a great one.

Last Man Standing Match

A Last Man Standing match is always enjoyable to watch, and they’re always filled with total carnage. A story being built up to the point of this means fans should be deeply invested in seeing the wrestlers go to war, and that’s what happens in this stipulation.

The idea of a match needing a 10 count to finish is something totally different from the majority of match types, and that is what helps to make this stand out and be something that fans can get excited about.

Meltzer – TLC II
This stipulation brought three of WWE’s biggest and most well-known foreign objects together into a match filled with carnage. Whether it’s winning via pinfall or by pulling down a championship belt, these matches are always amazing.

With so many different foreign objects there’s a variety of things that can be done. Because this is a stipulation that works well in singles and tag team matches, it has an extra edge over most as well, making it an even better option.

Hell In A Cell
Braun Strowman Vs Roman Reigns (Hell In A Cell, 2018)
While WWE has slightly watered down the Hell In A Cell due to it having its own PPV, this is still one of the best match types of all time. There is something ominous about the structure that always gets people excited when it drops down.

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Inside this structure, some amazing moments have happened. While there’s time for great in-ring work, there is also real brutality to be had and great stories to tell in this epic match type.

Elimination Chamber
No Way Out 2008
The Elimination Chamber really brings the best of many stipulations. It’s unpredictable and builds like a Royal Rumble, it has the steel structure like a cage match, and has the elimination aspect, which is always exciting.

Plus, the structure itself is ominous, and while there can be a lot of carnage, there can also be a real focus on good quality wrestling as well. The matches can be worked well for women and men, and they allow for creativity inside, which is crucial to a great match type.

Ladder Match
Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match (2017)
Whether it’s a title, a contract, or the Money in the Bank hanging in above the ring, there is something special about a ladder match. The amount of creativity this match type allows is off the charts, and that’s what leads to every match being so different.

The match suits all styles from powerhouses to high flyers, and with the big bumps that can happen, and the tension from coming inches away from retrieving whatever is at the top, this match always delivers.

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