AEW Roster Doesn’t Believe Daniel Bryan Is Leaving WWE

While the world is talking about what Daniel Bryan might do and whether or not he’ll actually leave WWE now that his contract is expired. A number of talents within AEW — where he could technically go next week if he wanted — don’t believe he’ll jump ship.

According to Fightful Select (h/t Felix Upton of Ringside News), sources within AEW have said they “fully expect Bryan to remain with WWE.” Apparently, one AEW source said definitively they heard Bryan is re-signing with WWE.

This probably shouldn’t come as a shock to wrestling fans. After all, it was more a matter of finding the right deal with WWE than it ever really was about Bryan wanting to get out of the company and have his freedom. Bryan owes a lot to Vince McMahon and co. and while that doesn’t mean he was set to inevitably stay or avoid doing what’s best for his creative freedom, neither side was eager to let that relationship end.

Bryan’s WWE contract expired following his loss to Roman Reigns in a Universal Championship match on SmackDown last week. That came as a shock to many who thought he was going to be with WWE until September. Rumors that ROH might make an offer or that other wrestling promotions are interested have surfaced.

Bryan Wasn’t Looking To Jump
For any of these companies, Bryan would be a huge get. He’s inarguably the biggest free agent on the market, next to maybe Brock Lesnar. But, unlike Lesnar, Bryan isn’t strictly in it for the money. He’s more about wrestling great opponents and helping WWE discover new talent.

If he can get all that done with WWE, why wouldn’t he stay? In the end, Vince wasn’t about to let Bryan leave without a fight. Even AEW knows that, which is why they don’t expect him to go anywhere.

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