Former WWE star opens up about The Undertaker getting angry and breaking character during a match [Exclusive]

Former WWE Superstar Bryan Clark was recently a guest on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted hosted by Dr. Chris Featherstone, and he opened up about The Undertaker briefly breaking character during his match at WWE Unforgiven 2001.

Bryan Clark and Brian Adams signed with WWE after they bought WCW in 2001. However, they ended up only having one pay-per-view match in WWE, the one at Unforgiven 2001. The match was not good, something Clark himself admits to, and led to KroniK getting released later that year.

While speaking about KroniK’s match against The Undertaker and Kane at Unforgiven 2001, Bryan Clark was asked about The Phenom breaking character during the match and shouting an expletive. Here’s what Clark had to say about the incident:

“He didn’t yell it at me. Him and Brian were supposed to be really tight so I was surprised.”

“Like I said, I don’t know what the deal is. I can understand getting mad in a match or getting upset about something, I’ve been upset in matches too when things didn’t go right but you still shouldn’t break character and this is supposed to be one of your best friends. I didn’t get it but looking back on it I just think it was a rush job,” said Clark.

Former WWE star Bryan Clark on being a fan of Chris Jericho

During the interview, Bryan Clark was also asked about his thoughts on Chris Jericho. Clark said he was a massive fan of Jericho’s work both inside and outside of the ring:

“Big fan of Chris [Jericho]. He’s an excellent worker, just done so much. He’s just been amazing with the career he’s had and he’s super talented outside of just wrestling. He’s crossed over into a lot of areas. Big fan of Chris and his band Fozzy, just all the stuff he’s done. Nothing bad to say about him. I really liked Chris,” said Clark.

Chris Jericho is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling and is a former AEW World Champion.

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