What Does The Ending To Mansoor’s Raw Debut Mean For His Winning Streak?

Mansoor made his Raw debut on Monday night, but it appears he had to sacrifice something pretty special in order to make that step up.

Raw featured a couple of new faces this week, possibly as a way to liven up the red brand. Whether it works remains to be seen. Eva Marie made her return to WWE following an almost five-year absence, and Saudi Arabian Superstar Mansoor made his Raw debut. However, the celebrations for Mansoor were cut short thanks to the ending of his match against Sheamus.

A big match to introduce Mansoor to a far bigger audience, and the Middle Eastern star gave a very good account of himself. However, the match did not end the way he would have liked. Humberto Carillo, someone previously wronged by Sheamus, rushed the ring and attacked The Celtic Warrior, resulting in the match being ended prematurely.

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Even worse, since Carillo attacked Sheamus, it’s assumed Mansoor was the one disqualified. An easy way to protect both wrestlers on the surface. However, it marks the first loss for Mansoor since August 2019. While he hasn’t been appearing on Raw, Mansoor has picked up numerous wins on NXT, Main Event, 205 Live, and on WWE’s Saudi Arabian shows during that time.

Before arriving on Raw, Mansoor had won 46 matches in a row since his last loss. When he arrived backstage on Monday night, it felt as if that streak was about to be highlighted in a major way. Not only was it not mentioned at any point on the show, it now appears to have come to an uneventful end. That being said, there are ways WWE can work its way out of the corner it has painted Mansoor into should it want the streak to maintain intact.

Mansoor had nothing to do with the result of the match, so it could well go down as a no-contest rather than a win for Sheamus. Even if it does go down as a loss for Mansoor, he is still heading for two years without being pinned or submitted. That angle can still be played upon should WWE want to go with it, but honestly, it seems as if Mansoor’s 46-0 streak is now over.

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