Alexa Bliss Hints That Her Next Target Is Eva Marie On Raw

Alexa Bliss and Lily have selected their next target, and something Bliss said on Raw has us thinking that target is Eva Marie.

For the most part, fans were happy with both nights of WrestleMania 37. However, there was one moment that didn’t go down so well, and the lack of build off the back of it has only made things worse. The whole situation between The Fiend and Alexa Bliss. Bliss cost Fiend his match against Randy Orton and since then he hasn’t been seen.

Meanwhile, Bliss has made herself a new friend. A doll named Lily. We say new, Bliss claims to have had this doll since childhood, and it has been telling her to do some pretty sinister things. Lily didn’t like The Fiend, hence why Bliss has once again made him disappear. Worryingly for Raw’s women’s division, Bliss and Lily have now selected their next target.

The Fiend’s WrestleMania Ending Was Not Meant To Be So Baffling

Bliss previously said she would be coming after the entire women’s division. However, on Raw this week, the former Women’s Champion declared that she and Lily have picked their very first target. You can check out the clip below, and while Bliss doesn’t mention the name of the poor soul she is about to pursue, there are a couple of hints that seem to point to one Superstar in particular.

The first hint isn’t a specific one. Bliss mentions that she and Lily have been enjoying watching their rivals earlier on in Monday’s Raw. That suggests their first target had already appeared on the show by the time cameras visited Alexa’s playground. The second hint, however, is a big one. “Her favorite color is red,” Bliss sneakily says to the camera, making it seems as if she didn’t want Lily to hear.

While on first viewing most will assume red is a reference to blood, it could also be hinting that Bliss is gunning for Eva Marie. Marie returned to WWE after almost five years away via a vignette on Monday night. A vignette that aired before Alexa’s playground. Even though Marie has pink hair now, she became so synonymous with red hair during her first run that she was known as All Red Everything. When she makes her first physical appearance on Raw, Bliss and Lily may be waiting.

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