Chris Jericho Reveals Why AEW Has So Many Factions

Every wrestling company will have its share of critics. Some will say WWE can’t write a long-term storyline to save their butt. Some will say AEW ignores the basic rules of in-ring competition to get high-spots featured when it isn’t necessary.

While it might not be a critique, it’s clearly a trend in AEW that the company likes factions, while WWE doesn’t seem to all that much. WWE has a couple of them, but in AEW, there are four to five factions on any given episode of Dynamite. Why?

Chris Jericho was recently a guest on Sunday Night’s Main Event with Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski and tried to offer up an explanation. He said it’s not something he’s been given an official explanation for by Tony Khan, but Jericho believes that “Khan likes factions,” Jericho said. “If you work in New Japan, everyone’s with a faction. When I go there, I feel lonely because it will say so and so is part of this faction, then it’s, Chris Jericho, ‘solo’. I got no friends.” He noted that part of the reason Khan likes factions is because “he likes having people involved.”

Even if a certain member isn’t in action that week, they are on the show. And, having talent on the show helps avoid wrestlers getting upset because they aren’t being used. So too, Jericho argues that “everybody on our show has a purpose and a point…”

He used the example of The Factory with QT [Marshall] and noted that Anthony Ogogo gets TV time [and] Nick Comoroto gets TV time and they’re on the show, when they might not otherwise be.

It’s How You Build Stars
While some might argue that it’s a better plan than what WWE has and is leading to talent being released because the company has nothing for them, Jericho does admit that it’s a lot of people to have on one show.

75 people on a two-hour show is a lot and while Jericho argues that might be true, he says, “We are building our own stars, and if you have to see 75 people on the show, just go with it because out of those 75, hopefully over the next three or four years, we will build them all into stars.” He argues they need television experience to become main player and so that fans start to learn who these talents are. He adds, “that’s very important when you’re trying to build your company from scratch, which is what we’ve done.”

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