Kenny Omega Responds To Andrade’s Triplemania Challenge, Andrade Hits Back

Kenny Omega has responded to Andrade’s Triplemania challenge, telling El Idolo he will have to wait for an answer.

A month after Andrade was granted his release from WWE, what’s next for the former NXT Champion has started to become clear. Andrade appeared via a video package at a AAA event over the weekend, challenging Kenny Omega for the promotion’s Mega Championship. Should The Cleaner accept, the match will take place at AAA’s biggest event of the year, Triplemania.

Omega has seen Andrade’s challenge and responded, but it isn’t what Andrade wanted to hear. “I’m a busy guy, give me some time to think about it,” Omega replied. In defense of the Mega Champion, busy might well be an understatement. The Cleaner currently holds three World Titles, all from different promotions. Needless to say, Omega is in high demand right now.

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Andrade quickly hit back, poking fun at a match Omega wrestled against a little girl when he was still in Japan. “I debuted at 13 years old and I always kept busy and traveled around the world winning championships and you in Japan playing with children,” Andrade tweeted. El Idolo attached a photo of the Omega match he referenced, as well as a collage featuring photos of himself with various titles throughout his career.

Omega might well be a busy man right now, but that comes with the territory. If you want to hold three World Titles at the same time, then you also need to defend them. While Omega has defended the AEW Title four times so far in 2021, the Mega Title hasn’t been up for grabs since last December. Granted, the pandemic is partly to blame for that, but AEW needs to do better at giving back to some of the promotions it is currently working with.

As for Andrade, a match with Omega at Triplemania, which will likely take place in August at the very earliest, won’t be his first since leaving WWE. Alberto El Patron has revealed the two of them will clash for the first time ever in July. Since Andrade isn’t bound by a non-compete clause, he could even wrestle before that. Perhaps he will show up on Dynamite to confront Omega if the triple champion continues to avoid giving him an answer.

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