WWE Has Removed Daniel Bryan From Its Active Roster

Daniel Bryan’s profile has been moved to the alumni section on WWE.com. That could mean he is done as an active wrestler in WWE.

Daniel Bryan wrestled what could well be his last ever match on SmackDown last week. Roman Reigns defeated Bryan in a match for the Universal Title, but Bryan’s loss means he has now been banished from SmackDown. Neither Bryan nor WWE has revealed what’s next, but the change in status of his profile on WWE.com may have tipped fans off.

Bryan’s profile is now a part of WWE.com’s extensive alumni section. It’s unclear when exactly the change was made, but fans first started to notice it had been moved over the weekend. This could mean one of two things. The most obvious is that Bryan is not only done on SmackDown, but he has finished wrestling for WWE full stop.

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daniel bryan in wwe.com’s alumni sectionvia WWE
Bryan has hinted relatively recently that his contract is coming to an end soon, and also that he would be open to working elsewhere. Changes to a Superstar’s status on WWE’s website can often be indicative of them leaving in the near future. WWE removed Sting’s merchandise from its online store only for The Icon to finally show up on Dynamite a few weeks later.

On the flip side, that could be exactly what WWE wants us to think. While profiles of departing wrestlers are quickly added to the site’s alumni section, this also wouldn’t be the first time the tactic has been used as part of an angle. Kevin Owens has found himself in that area on the website on at least two separate occasions.

It’s hard to believe Bryan’s WWE run has ended just like that. Odds are he will show up on Raw or NXT, perhaps as early as this week. There are so many dream matches waiting for him on Tuesday nights, and Raw needs a ratings draw like Bryan more than ever right now. Plus, in addition to wanting to wrestle elsewhere, Bryan is also working on convincing WWE to let Superstars compete for other promotions. The only way he can get that done is to remain under WWE’s employ.

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