Don’t be shocked if WWE introduces a new group headed up by Jinder Mahal in the coming weeks on Raw. The former WWE Champion made an appearance in the ring to face Jeff Hardy prior Raw going live this week and he appears to be flanked by a couple of former NXT talents. It looks like Mahal has formed a new alliance with ex-NXT tag team Indus Sher. During Monday night’s pre-Raw Main Event tapings, Mahal returned in a match vs. Jeff Hardy and Indus Sher (Saurav Gurjar and Rinku Singh) accompanied him to the ring. Not only that, but they helped him score the win over the Charismatic Enigma. WWE fans last saw Jinder and Indus Sher perform at the Superstar Spectacle which was held in January 2021 and aired as a WWE Network special. It featured a mix of weekly main roster talent and some of the bigger Indian-born talents. Interestingly, at that show, Indus Sher teamed with Drew McIntyre to take on Mahal and The Bollywood Boys. It appears WWE has decided to turn them heel and join forces. While he was seen on stage prior to WrestleMania 37 and has back healthy and ready to go for a little while, Mahal hasn’t wrestled since May 2020. So too, Indus Sher were pulled from NXT programming in June. It seems logical to assume this has been something WWE has been working on. Could This Turn Into Something Strong For Raw? That WWE decided to have these wrestlers make their return on a show like Main Event is intriguing. One would think WWE would bring them out on one of the flagship shows. Perhaps this is just a test to build chemistry for the trio. It’s not clear if WWE plans to have them debut imminently or not. Seems like a perfect match and WWE would probably do well to have them be a force on the red brand.

The Royal Rumble 2020 pay-per-view event marked a giant turning point in Drew McIntyre’s WWE career.

He was in the midst of a gradual babyface turn heading into that match. McIntyre completed that face turn when he eliminated then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar from the match.

The crowd in Houston, Texas erupted when McIntyre sent Lesnar out of the match. The fans were on his side from that moment on.

However, McIntyre’s elimination of Lesnar wasn’t even close to being the loudest nor the most memorable pop that night.

The largest pop came when Hall of Famer Edge was revealed to be the No. 21 entry. The Rated-R Superstar was suddenly back in the ring for the first time in nine years.

During an appearance on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast (h/t James Sullivan of Sportskeeda), McIntyre admitted that he was actually worried about the fans possibly turning on him following Edge’s thrilling return that night.

“There was a lot going on at that time, for sure… But the Rumble itself, finding out, one, I’m taking out Brock Lesnar, and the structure of the match, he’s going to be the absolute beast and that I’m going to be the one to take the beast down, was absolutely unbelievable. But to actually be winning it, on top of that? And then you find out that Edge is coming out towards the end as well. Oh… No negative thoughts crossed my mind until it was time for Edge…

I heard the reaction and I went ‘Oh, I’m so happy for him! What a guy… Wait a minute?! The people might turn on me, we’ve seen this happen before!’ That’s what crossed my mind at that exact moment. He made his entrance and we got towards the end. It was Roman (Reigns) and Edge. And Roman did me a solid, by the way, being the one who took out Edge towards the end. I heard the boos and I said ‘Screw this, let’s just keep powering through’… That could have gone bad, but it went well.”

McIntyre, Edge and Reigns made it to the final three. And as the former noted, it was Reigns who received the boos when he eliminated The Ultimate Opportunist from the match.

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McIntyre then eliminated Reigns to win the match. He went on to challenge Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36, which McIntyre won.

Edge emerged victorious in this year’s Royal Rumble match, coincidentally on the 11-year anniversary of his first Royal Rumble win in 2010. He faced Daniel Bryan and Reigns in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 37, where the latter successfully defended his Universal Championship.

Everything Worked Out
Edge may not have won the Royal Rumble, but his return marked one of the most memorable moments in recent WWE history. He and McIntyre both made special history at Royal Rumble 2020, and the overall WWE product has been that much better ever since. Perhaps we’ll see the two most recent men’s Royal Rumble winners square off in a feud in the very near future.

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