WWE veteran and Matt Hardy trade shots on Twitter, Hardy’s wife responds

Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette have engaged in a minor exchange on Twitter after Hardy responded to a fan question regarding the former WWE creative.

In a string of recent tweets, Matt Hardy replied to a fan who claimed Hardy had complained about Jim Cornette’s take on AEW in the past. Hardy responded by saying he had “great respect” for Cornette at one point, but not with his current “shock jock gig”:

“In the past, I’ve responded to some of his cult over their #BROKEN Matt hate to enhance my heel persona. Done with that. Diehard @AEW fans view me as a heel, so I’m just gonna be me, be real going forward. Had great respect for JC early on, not into his current shock jock gig.” Hardy wrote.

Cornette, who is very active on the platform, saw the statement and responded by criticizing Hardy’s recent creative choices for his character on AEW programming:

“Not a gig, Matt, just my real opinions since I’m done with this dog & pony show some of you guys call wrestling these days. A shame what’s happened to the business. Had great respect for you when you didn’t teleport to other dimensions and change clothes in a f****** ice machine.” Wrote Cornette.

However, after Cornette’s comments, Matt’s wife Reby Hardy chose to get involved in the spat in defense of her husband. In a hilarious turn of events, she tagged an old video of Cornette wrestling an opponent named ‘Cowabunga’ wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles outfit.

Jim Cornette has held many positions of influence in the pro wrestling business, including during his time with WWE between 1993 and 2005. He currently hosts his own podcast, Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru.

Matt Hardy in AEW

Since jumping ship from WWE to AEW, Matt Hardy has been able to experiment with his character. His ‘BROKEN’ Matt Hardy gimmick was on display for all to see when he arrived in Tony Khan’s promotion. But since then, he has evolved into his ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy persona. He has recently looked to take young prospects under his wing, including the likes of Private Party.

His brother, Jeff Hardy, remains under contract with WWE.

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