“You’re just prostituting this gimmick” – Chris Jericho slams WWE’s booking

WWE legend and current AEW star Chris Jericho is set to be a part of the first-ever AEW Blood & Guts match. The namesake show is set to take place on May 5 2021 where Chris Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle will take on The Pinnacle.

Ahead of the match, Chris Jericho appeared on Busted Open Radio and compared AEW’s booking of the match to that of WWE’s booking of Hell in a Cell matches. Y2J criticized WWE for not using the gimmick match properly and randomly putting together a story leading to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. Chris Jericho emphasized the fact that a match has to fit the story and not vice versa:

“I’m a big proponent that the match has to fit the story, not a story just to have a match. For example, Hell in a Cell. ‘Oh we’ve got Hell in a Cell pay-per-view coming up next month. Let’s put together a three week story and put them in the cell. Then we’ll have a tag team in the cell, we’ll have a women cell, we’ll have a midget cell.’ It’s like, you’re just prostituting this gimmick. For Blood and Guts the story needs to be there first. And for the first time since last March we have this story between these two factions that, right out of the gate, there’s a lot of intensity and a lot of interest. So let’s put it in the Blood and Guts,” said Chris Jericho. (h/t WrestlingInc)

Chris Jericho was part of one Hell in a Cell match during his WWE career

During his run with WWE, Chris Jericho competed in a Hell in a Cell match once. This happened at Judgment Day 2002 when he took on Triple H. It was Triple H who won the match by pinning Jericho at the top of the cell after hitting him with a Pedigree.

Since 2009, WWE has made Hell in a Cell an annual pay-per-view. In the last few years, there has been a lot of criticism of WWE for devaluing the concept of a gimmick match like Hell in a Cell. The criticism has focused on the company throwing random feuds into the match-type without a proper build-up.

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