Roman Reigns Keeps Universal Championship, Ends Daniel Bryan’s SmackDown Career

It didn’t take outside interference and it wasn’t a cheap finish that ended Daniel Bryan’s SmackDown career. It was simply one man out-wrestling the other as Universal Champion Roman Reigns successfully defended his title and in the process, ended Bryan’s run on the blue brand.

A fantastic in-ring contest that had a “big fight feel”, the last-half of the show was dedicated to the bout. Fellow Superstars offered their picks, both men got big intros and Reigns got a new theme song. It was certainly a contest that had big repercussions and the results would change the landscape of Friday nights.

When the smoke cleared, it was a one-on-one match that didn’t require a screwy finish. Reigns simply won and Bryan has to leave.

Bryan put up a heck of a fight and it looked as though he may have had the champion on the ropes a couple of times. He worked Reigns’ right arm so that the champion couldn’t land the guillotine, but Reigns was able to use his good arm to put Bryan to sleep.

It was a statement win for the champion that left little doubt that he was the Head of the Table and underestimating him was a bad idea.

Cesaro Tries To Save His Friend
When Reigns pulled out the win, he decided he wanted to send a message. He grabbed a couple of chairs and was going to punish a prone Bryan. Cesaro ran to the ring to save his friend, only to be attacked by Jey Uso.

Bryan was already leaving, but Reigns sent him packing with a nasty chair shot that Cesaro was forced to watch while tangled up in the ropes. It’s clear, Cesaro vs. Reigns is where SmackDown is headed.

As for Bryan, it’s not clear what his next steps will be. We assume he’ll take some time off.

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