10 Biggest Secrets WWE Failed to Hide

Presently, the WWE is on one of their hottest streaks in recent history. Thanks to quality television, excellent PPV’s and a perfect mix of old and new faces, the WWE has started to return to a level of popularity that it hasn’t experienced in years. Fans are starting to not only watch again, but also love the direction that the company is headed.

The biggest reason for this current hot streak, however, is the storylines. They’ve become more intriguing and entertaining in only a few weeks and have made fans like me watch in anticipation every single time I tune in.

There was a time though, not too long ago, where the the WWE’s programming was pretty bad. In fact, most of it was just plain unwatchable. The WWE and its creative team lacked any form of imagination or fresh ideas and seemed to try just about anything to make the people watch. Most of us did…and most of us were left scratching our heads.

I must admit, its good to finally see the WWE coming back strong, but for now, let’s look back on some of the stupidest storylines in recent memory.

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