Roman Reigns Hasn’t Been Pinned For A Very Long Time

Following his win over Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns has extended his run of not being pinned to 503 days.

Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan on SmackDown to remain Universal Champion this week. The victory not only banishes Bryan from the blue brand, but it also means The Tribal Chief’s dominant and lengthy reign as champion can continue. On top of all that, it also means Reigns has now gone 503 days (and counting) without being pinned, title match or otherwise.

The last time Reigns was pinned actually came at the hands of King Corbin. If you’re struggling to remember that match, it’s because it happened all the way back in December 2019. Granted, Reigns was away for a large chunk of 2020 due to not wanting to be around at the height of the pandemic, but it isn’t as if he has been kicking back when he has been active.

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During those 503 days, Reigns has wrestled 32 matches. Of those 32 matches, only 30 of them have been wins for The Big Dog. Reigns’ match, if you can really call it that, against Adam Pearce technically ended in a draw. He also lost a tag team match alongside his cousin Jey Uso, but that match ended in disqualification. Speaking of which, Uso’s recent run has been anywhere near as fruitful.

While his cousin has been racking up wins, Uso has been losing on a very regular basis. You might have been blinded by the multi-time Tag Team Champion’s Andre the Giant battle royal win at WrestleMania. Other than that win, Uso hasn’t registered a single victory since he beat Kevin Owens back in November 2020. That’s a 16 match losing streak if you ignore the battle royal, including singles, tag, and even six-person tag matches.

Back to Reigns, and now fans will be wondering who is the one that will get to eventually beat The Tribal Chief. Vince McMahon might be wondering that too, and that’s a good thing. WWE has finally found something that seems to work for all parties involved with Reigns. The longer he goes without losing, the more historic Reigns’ run will be, and the more it will mean when he eventually loses.

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