Daniel Bryan Admits His Neck Was ‘Wrecked’ After Recent Match

Daniel Bryan has revealed his neck was in a bad way after a tag team match on SmackDown last week.

Daniel Bryan lost a Universal Title match on SmackDown this week. The loss means he has been banished from the blue brand. As for what that means for Bryan’s immediate future remains unclear. He could show up on Raw or NXT in the coming weeks. However, his comments during an interview with TVLine might suggest Bryan won’t be wrestling anywhere, at least for a little while.

Bryan’s second to last match on SmackDown was a tag team bout alongside Cesaro against Seth Rollins and Jey Uso. Bryan admitted during the interview that his neck did not feel good after that match. “I had a tag team match on SmackDown last Friday, and it was a lot of fun, but my neck was just wrecked,” Bryan revealed.

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The former WWE Champion event admitted he wasn’t able to let his daughter ride on his shoulders during the days after the match, which is why his future has been thrown into question. Bryan has been quite open about his desire to keep wrestling, but also to dial back on how often he wrestles. Now might be the time fans see that start to happen.

“It may be that it’s just every once in a while when the urge strikes, or maybe like a schedule where it’s like eight months on, these months off,” Bryan explained. He added that he also needs to be mindful of those who need him to work, and WWE which has helped take care of him and his family for so many years. On the flip side, Bryan hasn’t been shy about sharing his desire to work in other companies.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Bryan leaving WWE, though. With the forbidden door well and truly open, Bryan has been working on getting WWE to let him and others work in other promotions while still having a job at WWE to return to. Although he remains unsure as to whether it will ever happen the way he envisions it, he has admitted to thinking he has made some headway.

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