John Cena Sr. wants Roman Reigns to face released WWE star instead of Cesaro

John Cena Sr. believes Samoa Joe should be challenging Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship instead of Cesaro.

Although a match between Reigns and Cesaro has not yet been announced, The Swiss Superman has made it clear that he wants a title opportunity. Meanwhile, Samoa Joe will no longer be involved in any WWE storylines after receiving his release on April 15.

Speaking to Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade, John Cena’s father said a battle between the two Samoans would have been more compelling.

“No, I’d like to see Joe and Roman,” he said. “It makes more sense. We could build a beautiful storyline around that. It would’ve been really the battle of the Princes or the battle of The Tribal Chiefs. I can see that storyline going on for two, three, maybe even four months. But then again, I don’t write for them [WWE].”

The latest episode of WWE SmackDown ended with Roman Reigns retaining his WWE Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan. Cesaro was forced to watch on as Reigns delivered a post-match Con-Chair-To to Bryan, who has now been banished from SmackDown.

WWE didn’t revive Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe’s feud

Samoa Joe lost against Roman Reigns at WWE Backlash 2018
Samoa Joe lost against Roman Reigns at WWE Backlash 2018

Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe feuded during their time on WWE RAW between 2017 and 2019. However, the WWE Universal Champion has not faced Joe since he embraced his Samoan heritage as The Tribal Chief in 2020.

Joe worked for the same promotion as John Cena, Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), earlier in his career. John Cena Sr. said he was there to witness some of Joe’s early work in the wrestling business.

“I watched Samoa Joe together with Johnny [John Cena] at UPW,” he added. “That man is an outstanding athlete. I have no idea why they released him. It might just be that the writers, once again, have no idea what to do with this man. I mean, that would have been a great guy to come back from the islands and challenge The Tribal Chief. It would have been a great show.”

John Cena Sr. added that Samoa Joe is “one of the best in the business” and “a great loss” to WWE.

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