WWE SmackDown: 5 Biggest news stories – Roman Reigns’ next potential challenger, end of an era? (April 30, 2021)

WWE’s legacy is built upon larger-than-life moments, and this week’s SmackDown reinforced that mentality towards the end of the episode.

Thanks to Roman Reigns’ and Daniel Bryan’s much-awaited high-stakes clash, WWE fans knew that this particular show had to be entertaining. This week’s episode lived up to those expectations, even if its success can be mostly attributed to the main event.

While WWE SmackDown wasn’t perfect from start to finish, it featured one of the best conclusions fans have seen in a while.

Which show was better this week, RAW or SmackDown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Here are the five biggest news stories from WWE SmackDown (April 30, 2021).

#5 Roman Reigns banished Daniel Bryan from WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan’s saga came to an end, for now, on the latest edition of WWE SmackDown.

Reigns willingly put his Universal Championship on the line against Bryan, with the latter putting his entire SmackDown career at stake. Heading into this bout, Reigns seemed like the clear favorite. It’s almost as if their latest clash was an inevitable descent into a hero’s downfall.

Bryan’s character shows a lot of heart, but The Tribal Chief has always been one step ahead of him in recent memory. This week, Paul Heyman encapsulated Bryan’s achievements in an exhilarating manner, adding more anticipation to the main event contest.

Roman Reigns also debuted new entrance music, which captured The Tribal Chief’s prideful nature as a top WWE star.

The Universal Championship match ended up being an excellent showcase of storytelling through action. Bryan just couldn’t overcome Reigns’ power and intensity, as Goliath (Reigns) beat David (Bryan) in this scenario — a realistic outcome.

According to the stipulation, Daniel Bryan will no longer be part of SmackDown. Although this opens several interesting possibilities for him, including a move to WWE RAW or NXT, Bryan had been a staple of the Blue brand for years. He certainly made an impact while being on SmackDown, and his departure from the show truly marks the end of an era.

Even in defeat, Bryan indirectly opened a new door for a deserving talent like Cesaro. After the main event, Roman Reigns attempted to brutalize his opponent, but Cesaro arrived to stop this from happening.

Unfortunately for The Swiss Superman, Jey Uso held him back and even forced him to witness Reigns hitting Bryan with a conchairto to end the episode.

Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns has to happen soon, and WWE seems to be building up to that encounter already. But first, The Swiss Superman must overcome Seth Rollins in singles action on next week’s SmackDown.

Judging by recent events, Cesaro will likely defeat Rollins in their upcoming clash to solely focus on being Reigns’ next challenger.

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