WWE Rumor Roundup: Triple H tried to sabotage multi-time world champion’s career, ‘Troublesome’ superstar released, Reigns’ next opponent – 27th April 2021

Welcome to the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we try and bring the biggest rumors and stories from the world of WWE. In today’s edition, we will take a look at backstage details on Triple H allegedly trying to ruin a former WWE Champion’s career, what is next for Roman Reigns and much more.

We’ll also talk about why WWE decided to fire a former US Champion as part of the recent ‘budget-cut releases that took place in the company.

Plus, we will also take a look at the newly formed team of Riddle and Randy Orton and what led to the two men joining forces on RAW. So without further ado, let’s dive in and check on some of the interesting stories from the world of WWE today.

#5 WWE legend Bret Hart says Triple H tried to ‘ruin’ The Rock


It is a known fact among wrestling circles that WWE icon Triple H did not like The Rock early on in his career. Speaking on the 81 podcast, former WWE champion Bret Hart revealed that Triple H and Shawn Michaels hated Dwayne Johnson early on in his career and tried to “bust his chops” every chance they got.

The Hitman also said that Triple H wanted him to beat The Rock for the Intercontinental Championship in 1997. However, Hart refused as he did not need a run with the IC Championship.

“I wrestled The Rock and they wanted me to beat him. Triple H did. He wanted me to beat Dwayne and win the Intercontinental Title. I refused. ‘What do I need the Intercontinental Title for?’… I remember Triple H was sick about it because he had a thing for Dwayne and wanted to ruin him. He hated him.”

The Rock and Triple H never liked each other backstage. Although, over time and after working with each other frequently, the two men developed a strong bond of respect which later led to them becoming good friends.

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