“We’re so much more than Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels were” – WWE Superstar makes bold claim

The team of Shawn Michaels and Diesel is one of the most successful tag teams in the history of WWE. They even went on to have great singles careers, but they were two of the pioneers of the big guy/small guy pairing in WWEf


Recently, many fans have been drawing comparisons between those two and the current WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles and Omos. They are quite similar to the Heartbreak Kid and Big Daddy Cool in many aspects.

Appearing on the latest edition of WWE’s The Bump, AJ Styles shared his thoughts on the comparisons:

“If we’re gonna compare, I think that’s a pretty good comparison. Is it the exact? No, no, no. Listen, we’re so much more than Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels were. We’re more than that. We are the RAW Tag Team Champions, sky is the limit. Whatever championship we want, we will get.”

A few days back, Kevin Nash even responded to the idea of a dream match between the two teams on Twiiter:

The comparison between the two teams is a fair one given that Styles and Michaels have very similar styles. Over the years, many wrestling legends have drawn similarities between The Phenomenal One and Mr. WrestleMania.

Moreover, according to Styles, Omos has a very bright future ahead of him in WWE.

AJ Styles and Omos won the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship during WrestleMania 37, Night One

AJ Styles and Omos after winning the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship
AJ Styles and Omos after winning the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship
Omos was introduced as Styles’ personal enforcer to help him win matches weekly on RAW. The Giant Omos even accompanied Styles to the ring at Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship Chamber match.

The two soon formed a team and challenged for the RAW Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania a few weeks back. They were successful in their pursuit of championship gold.


The match marked Omos’ first main roster match in WWE, and he had a dominant showing on the “Grandest Stage of Them All.” What do you think is next for the RAW Tag Team Champions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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