WWE legend reveals details of backstage fight with Eddie Guerrero

Olympic gold medallist and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently discussed a backstage altercation he had with the late WWE legend Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle were good friends behind the scenes but things got heated between them on one particular occasion. Angle described what happened during an interview with The Hannibal TV on YouTube.

The incident took place after an in-ring segment on WWE SmackDown that saw Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak beat down Eddie Guerrero. Angle explained:

“We were in the ring and we had to get heat on him in the ring. That means beat him up. My gang of guys, that means Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak and myself, I didn’t touch Eddie but they did. I guess they laid into him pretty hard and he came backstage, he was mad and he approached me and said, “Why did you lay into me like that? You beat the cr*p out of me.” He actually used a lot more swear words *laughs* and I said “Eddie, I didn’t touch you” and he said I did and he pushed me. I said “Don’t push me again” and I pushed him back. He tried to double-leg me and it wasn’t that hard to fight him off, me being an amateur wrestler. It was pretty easy and I put him in a chokehold and started choking him out and then Big Show broke it up, thank god, because I loved Eddie and I didn’t want to fight Eddie.”

WWE legend JBL’s conversation with Eddie Guerrero after the incident
Kurt Angle went on to reveal the hilarious conversation WWE legend JBL had with Eddie Guerrero a few minutes after their backstage altercation. Angle said that JBL asked Eddie why he had tried to take down an Olympic gold medallist. Angle described Eddie’s priceless reply:

“The crazy thing is, 10 minutes later, JBL goes to Eddie and says “why would you double-leg an Olympic gold medallist?” and Eddie says, ‘Because I’m a dumbass,’ so it turned out to be pretty funny but it was pretty intense.”
Kurt Angle also discussed his thoughts on debuting as a heel in WWE, during the same interview. You can check that out HERE.

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